Will AI be Safe and Productive for Humans in the Future?

Artificial Intelligence is quickly advancing, with recent technologies, the future of humans is now turning to take a different shape. In this article, we will explain to you why AI is safe? Will AI take over humans? How can we leverage the use of AI in our life?

With recent advancements, machines are much better than humans in solving complex problems in fractions of seconds whereas humans take the time or miscalculate, machines are gaining an upper hand in proving that it exists to make human life far better than one can imagine. But humans are more versatile and skillful in ways that machines may find difficult to achieve, we have the ability to communicate with emotions, learn from mistakes, and share information to direct thinking & behavior. The main difference between machines and human is: machines perform based on what they can grasp and perform when necessary, on the other hand, humans perform based on their own intelligence.

Humanoids aka a robot with human characteristics like Sofia, ASIMO & Pepper are some successful robots, humanoid robots with distinct features have the ability to detect sentiments from a set of behavioral and verbal expressions, but yet still fail in detecting true intentions of a human while engaging in love expressed visibly.

Machines are indeed more precise than humans as they can efficiently perform better than humans with a consistent level of accuracy. Humans are fragile, we are not the strongest creature on this planet, neither the fastest species nor durable. If a robot loses its hand while working on sharp objects we can replace it, but if a human loses a hand, it will die due to the loss of blood. We need machines and humans to perform the task better for mankind.

Machines are starting to get smarter, when any powerful tool is designed for harmful purposes, they are in the wrong hands. Hence any powerful technology can be misused, but there is also a positive side that has the potential to improve productivity and accuracy in making things better to save time drive technology towards a better future.

How can we take advantage of AI?

As artificial intelligence progresses, we humans need to improve and focus on upscaling our skills to meet the demand of modern trends. You can take advantage of existing technology by understanding and making a decision, which technology to implement to improve your business.

When it comes to technology things move forward NOT backward. AI will acquire jobs that require a repetitive task just like virtual assistants can easily take over admin tasks.

1) Round-the-clock Accessibility

We humans have a certain limitation for working, whereas machines work relentlessly to provide output. Things we can expect from machines are long working hours, no constraints on a time-limit, they can work efficiently without getting tired and still produce consistent results on time.

2) Habitual use of Smartphone Applications

Ever wonder if you live your life without a smartphone that has no applications?

I know what you think. Duh? Why would anyone use a smartphone then? Exactly! Now hear me out!

We are so used to android or ios applications that we see our life incomplete without them. In a nutshell, the smartphone has become a huge necessity to carry out our daily task, we use AI services knowingly or unknowingly that from our smartphone, whether it is google maps, Siri, or google assistant, applications like Snapchat use AI to help users to share things with VR(Virtual reality), a new in house application called “REFACE” uses AI that captures your image and converts it into your favorite selected personality, so whenever that personality performs any actions, you see your face as if it is you who is enacting that expression or movement.

So AI is a power that we utilize to reduce our difficulties in day-to-day life. A lot of companies are investing in AI, this is the beginning of a new era in technology. Embrace it!

3) Healthcare

One of the great advantages of the use of AI is in healthcare, utilization of this technology has shared many data with doctors/physicians, and patients about any side-effects of medicine or software to detect any neurological disorders.

No doubt, AI is the best use for healthcare, with robotics and other AI applications we can help in monitoring & operating any tumor without harming any other part of the tissue and give good results.

To wrap it all up, it depends on humanity whether we want to see the progress of AI in the right direction or twist it in the wrong direction which will pose a threat. To put it bluntly, we can say now that AI is still in safe hands, business tycoons and scientists like Elon musk & Stephen hawking have already predicted that AI can be disruptive if not handled with care.